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Cindy Sinor

color pencil artist

second career. She has been commissioned to draw numerous pet portraits and much of her other subject matter includes wildlife and nature. Her work has been exhibited at the Wilton Library and Maritime Garage Gallery in Connecticut. Cindy’s goal is to build a community of artists who share her passion for colored pencils, in the classroom and through her blog,

Cindy Sinor is a commissioned colored pencil artist and drawing instructor from Wilton, Connecticut. A native of Saratoga County, Cindy studied Marketing and Fine Arts at the University of Albany, where she earned her Bachelors and Masters Degrees. She spent ten years in corporate publications, marketing, and public relations before leaving the business world to raise her family. Later, as an adult education student, she was inspired to pursue her life-long love of art as a

'Rabbit Hole'

colored pencil drawing, 2018, 9"x12"

 $ 350