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when my art is selected

  • You will be notified by email and in some cases by phone. 

  • The notification time will be listed in the details for each call to art.

  • Nàdur Arts may rescind the right of hanging any work unsuitably presented or misrepresented.

drop off/pick up
  • Artwork should be dropped off on designated days and hours which will be sent to selected artists via email.

  • After the show is over. Artwork will be taken down and the artist may pick-up at the end of the show at designated times. Any sold works may be picked up at this time as well by the new owners.

receiving artwork deadline
  • Selected paintings must be received at the designated drop off spot in Village of Galway during designated days and hours. Details will be emailed to selected artists.

  • All shipping is at the expense of the artist. There will be a $15 handling fee for each package shipped to Nàdur Arts. The handling fee covers condition reporting and photographing of the work as it arrives, and follow up conditioning and repacking at the conclusion of the exhibition. You must include a prepaid shipping label for the return of the work. 

  • Accepted artists will receive detailed information regarding shipping and handling requirements. 

  • Nàdur Arts will retain a 35% commission on all works sold.

  • Artist will receive payment from sale when the artwork is picked up at the end of the show.

  • Selected artwork must be suitably framed and ready for installation.

  • For those who are concerned about framing during this time. Here is a link to Michaels that is still doing framing jobs.


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