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Featured Artist

Jennifer Greenman

contemporary watercolor artist

   Watercolor artist, Jennifer Greenman, has been painting for over ten years, having studied at SUNY Geneseo and FLCC in Fine Arts.  Jennifer just started selling her work in 2020 and has already been showcased in a few galleries in the Finger Lakes region and has sold over fifty original pieces.

   Jennifer aims to push pause on the over-stimulated viewer, to recognize that we live in dramatic landscapes; landscapes that are emotionally driven in color and as ever-changing as our creator made them. 


   As a photographer does with their camera, Jennifer hopes to capture a moment and allow the viewer to stop and see the profound beauty of the world we live in, which should not be desensitized to our eyes.

   To find more work by Jennifer Greenman visit her on Etsy at or follow her on Instagram @ever.greenman

Uninhibited Opulence_edited.jpg

'Uninhibited Opulence'

watercolor, 2021, 11" x 14"

 $ 224

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