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Lisa David

contemporary american realism 

world of colorful physical objects and the quiet world existing in nature. To capture the fleeting moments nature reveals, she paints primarily en plein air, or under the open sky. She uses light and shadows to give her objects importance and reverence. She is receiving awards for her outdoor paintings done on location. Lisa teaches advanced drawing and painting at her alma mater, Shenendehowa High School. She also teaches at the Saratoga Arts Center. Lisa’s work can be found online at She is also represented by Spa Fine Art, on Broadway, downtown Saratoga.

artwork in 2020 exhibit

Lisa David Plein Air To the West.jpg

'To the West'

                            oil on panel, 2019, 12"x 24"

Residing in upstate New York, artist Lisa David uses color and light to spark a memory. Growing up in Saratoga County, much of her childhood was spent camping in her family's pop-up camper. To continue the tradition with her own family, Lisa and her husband built a log cabin in North Hudson, NY. It is from her cabin that she paints her acquaintances with nature. Her work has a duality between the


“To the West” was painted during the 2019 Keeseville Plein Air Festival.  It was a sweltering August day during the hottest week of the summer. After driving up and down the long, rural road, surrounded by dairy farms in the town of Peru, NY, I found this section of pavement along Davern Road that was so hot, you could see the heat shimmer into the air above. A storm was brewing all day. The storm clouds were growing bigger and I knew I had a matter of minutes to complete the painting. With large cracks of thunder approaching, I painted with bold, confident brushstrokes. The rain finally came down, with the first drops the size of pennies. The smell of the dirt being washed off the road combined with the sweet smell of the dairy farms was intoxicating. The painting was complete just as the winds were blowing the dry fields across my “outdoor studio.”

Lisa David Three Generations.jpg

'Third Generation'

oil on panel, 2020, 8" x 8"

 $ 160 

Lisa David birch and Baby Hazelnuts.jpg

'Paper Birch & Baby Hazelnuts'

    oil on panel, 2020, 6" x 8"

 $ 140

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