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Janene Bouck Stream 2085 photography 3-1
1 Whispering Pine
1. Flower Girl
Field Glow_Bridget Shevlin
2_Holmes_Blueberry Island Midafternoon
2021 Spring
Featured Artist

Melissa Kahl

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contemporary american realism 

that's what is drivng her art "spark" right now. Her art can be found on an Etsy shop, MkStudio49 as well as her website She hopes her art makes other people as happy as it makes her. 

artwork in 2021 spring exhibit


                            acrylic on canvas, 2021, 10"x 20"

Melissa has been creating for as long as she can remember. It's her "spark." and she loves making art. She has 2 beautiful children that are also her spark and focuses on art when her time with them allows for it and chooses art that makes makes her happy at that moment. Most recently that has been working on her dog book. Melissa started it about 3 years ago, and it might take her another 3 years, but

Image 4-27-21 at 3.03 PM.jpg

“Sunbathing” was painted in 2021. The models are my dogs, Ellie and Smokey. We've had some great adventures, but now we are mostly living the simple life, chilling in the yard with two small children running around. I think dogs know how to live better than humans, so I'm making a book about them. Plus they are really fun to paint. I'm very lucky to have such great models. 

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