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Janene Bouck Stream 2085 photography 3-1
1 Whispering Pine
1. Flower Girl
Field Glow_Bridget Shevlin
2_Holmes_Blueberry Island Midafternoon
2021 Spring
Featured Artists

Self-taught upstate New York based painter Julia Greiner has spent the last 20 years honing her unique, playful painting style where she blends various types of mixed media to create vibrant abstract pieces that explore pattern and texture.  Starting with oil pastels and paper, she then progressed onto using oil paints and acrylics on canvas.  These days, her painting is categorized as mixed media and contains a variety of materials, which is regularly evolving as she strives to continue developing new ways to bring her visions to life on her canvas. Julias' art can be found at

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Julia Grenier

contemporary multi-media


'Dandelion Fete'

Lynn Ceraldi

Lynn Ceraldi is an artist living in Galway, N.Y.  She began drawing early in life and at age 7 began plein air oil painting lessons with Roger Seeing during summers around Kennebunk Me.  Influenced by paintings by Norman Rockwell, she chose to persue an Illustration degree at Syracuse University and was given the illustration award in her sophomore year.  After focusing on raising a family she began a career illustrating opinion editorials for the Daily Gazette, creating airbrushed displays for Price Chopper and Media Play.  Watercolor has become a preferred medium over the years, recently discovering the joys of oil painting again during the recent pandemic.  Lynn usually works from photographs combining images to create a scene of interest and to draw the viewer into a sense of wonder and a connection with nature.

Bridget Shevlin is a travel, portrait and fine art photographer in the Northeast, US. She grew up in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York and is currently working and living here. Her time spent in nature inspires most of her work. Bridgets work can be found at

Bridget captures sentimental moments meant to evoke feelings of nostalgia and hope; a yearning for what once was and a desire for what can be. Nature is a focal point for her; the raw energy of life in nature meets the tender emotions she tries to encapsulate in her work.  In 'Field Glow' she does just this - reminding the viewer of their first dandelion blown on a breezy spring day, while still drawing up feelings of promise and progress - the potential of what a field of dandelions can be. 

contemporary realism


Bridget Shevlin

contemporary photography

Field Glow_Bridget Shevlin.jpg

'Looking for Water'

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'Field Glow'

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