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Janene Bouck Stream 2085 photography 3-1
1 Whispering Pine
1. Flower Girl
Field Glow_Bridget Shevlin
2_Holmes_Blueberry Island Midafternoon
2021 Spring
Featured Artist
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Susan Sabino

contemporary photography 

images and the oft unseen ethereal beauty of nature. Her art can be found on her website, . 

artwork in 2021 spring exhibit

'Japanese Magnolia'

                            photography, 2021, 12"x 17"

Susan is a fine art photographer living in the Berkshires in Massachusetts.  Her vision as a photographer is to capture the essence of the subject in a unique way and inspire viewers to look for the extraordinary in the ordinary. 


When light, texture, and movement converge to bring a special energy to a subject, that is when its true essence can be captured.  Susan invites viewers to immerse themselves in these

Image 4-30-21 at 8.20 AM.jpg

“Moving frequently as a child influenced me greatly.  I learned to develop an appreciation of time and place in the absence of consistency.  Images became my life’s mile markers while the road ahead offered new opportunities to discover and appreciate the moment.  The camera was my voice…..

My photography comes from a very emotional place for me and my photographs are more instinctual than technical.  I prefer to use lenses that get me in very close and let me feel my subject, natural lighting and very little post processing. Japanese Magnolia was created during covid from images that I have captured of the blooms on my Magnolia tree, which I photograph every year. With this image, I stepped outside my comfort zone and used a little more post processing to combine separate images of blooms.

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